Our Services

Tree Service Vehicles

We provide services to residential, commercial, and rural customers. We take pride in providing the best and most knowledgeable service possible. Our services are set-up to suit our customers and their needs, budgets, and scope of the project.

Chipper Services

Have wood waste on your property, downed trees, etc? At Wildwood Tree Services we can remove wood waste from the site with the help of our forestry chipper and dump truck.

Hedge Trimming

We offer complete hedge pruning packages giving your hedge that perfectly manicured look.

Land Clearing

Tree Insect

When we clear your land, we don't only use chainsaws, we utilize brush saws ideal for land clearing and brush removal.

Plant Health Care

Plant health care is a systemic approach to the care of trees and other landscape plants. This can save you money, save your trees, and save our environment from the increasing amounts of toxic chemicals.

Our goal in to help you create healthy and beautiful trees with the use of the least toxic methods of pest control.


Trees release oxygen into our environment and provide food and shelter for a variety of birds and other animals. Trees properly placed around buildings can reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and can save 20%- 50% in the energy used for heating (USDA forest service). Properly placed and planted trees can add as much as a 20% increase in property value and as such should be left to the professionals. At wildwood tree services we can help select appropriate trees for the environment, (shade/ soil tolerance) they are to be planted in.


Dead limbs in the canopy of your trees can be an eyesore and a potential pathway for disease pathogens into your trees. Maintaining a manicured tree is not only esthetically pleasing but will increase the lifespan of your tree. At wildwood tree services we offer climbing services along with a forestry bucket truck allowing us to access any part of the canopy no matter the situation.

Tree Removal

Full Tree Removal

When trees become old they begin to die and decay. At wildwood tree services we specialize in dealing with the dangerous situations often encountered when working around rotten/ decaying wood. Having ehe right equipment helps but an understanding in tree dynamics and fibre strength are what can turn a potentially dangerous situation into a safe a controlled tree removal. At wildwood tree services we utilize a forestry bucket truck, and climbing equipment to assist in whatever the situation may suggest. All wood is removed off site and trucked to local compost, or utilized if choice logs are available.

Stump Grinding

After the tree is removed all that remains between you and the fresh lawn or flower bed is the stump. At wildwood tree services we use a stump grinder that can remove any size stump. Once the stump is removed we clean up the site and fill in the empty hole with topsoil and layer with seed or sod, your choice.

Climbing Services

Cat stuck in a tree? Give us a call. Free of charge.

Utility Line Trimming

Following ANSI A300 tree trimming standards we work closely with utility service providers, providing the highest of standards in tree care. We are able to work in both in Canada and USA and are available to assist in storm relief work when called upon.